GHOSTS - Aerial Photography (Autographed)


After devoting most of his life to photographing vintage aircraft all over the world, Philip Makanna collects the best images he’s created over the past 40 years into his final book, GHOSTS - Aerial Photography.

Within the pages of Aerial Photography a lifetime of images string together like the frames of a movie, each image of an iconic aircraft is accompanied by an archival image, text, silhouettes and specifications.  Taken from Makanna's travels across the globe to document the great airplanes, from England and New Zealand to Texas and back, Aerial Photography is a dream of a book, a visually rich story that begins and ends in the clouds–full of the beauty, romance and tragedy that accompanies these legends of flight. 

Aerial Photography has been printed by the incredible craftsmen that have printed the GHOSTS calendars and books for decades. 11.5” x 11.5”, 192 pages, premium paper, hardbound.

A limited edition of 1000 copies, each autographed by Philip Makanna will be available exclusively from


- Aerial Photography in Digital SLR Photography - February 2021

- Richard Mallory Allnut - - November 28, 2020

- Aerial Photography in Aviation History Magazine.
This section appears in the November 2020 issue of 
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