The "Bent Wing Bird", as the F4U Corsair is known to many, was one of the most famous American carrier based fighters in the Pacific Theater during WWII. Its success carried it to service well into the Korean Conflict. Painstakingly recorded in near perfect conditions and brought to you by AirCraft Records.

On this beautiful special 2 CD set we've got lots of Corsair music prepared for you. You'll hear group engine starts and take-offs, single and formation passes, aerobatics, a 400+ mph, "throttle to the firewall" pass, as well as landings and taxiing.

There's a back seat recording so you can feel what it's like inside the cockpit. A "Friends and Foe" section features passes by the Corsair, Mustang, Lightning, Zero, Bearcat, Wildcat and the Super Corsair.

On disc 2 Corsair pilot Steve Bakke tells us how everything works and last, but not least, we are honored to hear Corsair tales told by the heroic pilots who flew the Corsair in combat.

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